Trade Vision Dutch Cups “Fair Trading Practices”

Dutch Cups adheres to European codes of conduct for fair and equitable trade practices. Dutch Cups rejects any form of corruption and bribery. No employee or driver will be great gifts (with value of > €100,-) or adoption of other benefits or give to customers, suppliers, business partners or Governments. Employees and management of Dutch Cups may not abuse their position in the company to ask for personal benefits, or accept of give out.

Dutch Cups works with written agreements with its customers and suppliers and according to the principle that written agreements must always be fulfilled. In the exchange of information should the competition law and other applicable laws are strictly respected and should the parties within the limits of the reasonable care that the information provided is true and not misleading. The secrecy of information must be respected, unless the information is already public or independent lawfully and in good faith by Dutch Cups is obtained. Confidential information is used exclusively by Dutch Cups and its employees for the purpose for which the information was provided.


All together working with Dutch Cups and agreement-closing parties throughout the supply chain risks and appropriate entrepreneurs bear their own responsibility. All agreement-closing parties do not use threats to an unjustified advantage or on false charges to wallow. That is not accepted by Dutch Cups and will directly affect the cooperation.
The compliance with the prohibition of child labour and forced labour, in accordance with the legal provisions are fundamental principles of enterprise policy of Dutch Cups.
No employee should be discriminated against, harassed or given preferential treatment on the basis of sex, age, origin, race, origin, faith, religious or political opinion, disability, sexual orientation or other characteristics.

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