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Dutch Cups is a producer and supplier of reusable plastic cups and similar products and services. The hard-plastic cups, eco cups, are made from polycarbonate, tritan copolyester or polypropylene. Dutch Cups eco cups have the feel and look of a real glass. All cups are reusable, can be cleaned by hand or by dishwasher. All cups can be printed with a design with one colour or full colour printing. Dutch Cups offers various models, sizes and kinds of cups. On top Dutch Cups offers pitchers, trays and chests.

Dutch cups has a big amount of stock directly available for delivery. In addition, the products of Dutch Cups are produced in The Netherlands in a location who is open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 50 weeks a year.

Dutch Cups is working with graduated prices based on the amount of purchased products. The more you buy the lower the price. The selling price is based on the cost price per finished product i.e. the costs for the needed raw materials, use of the machines and moulds, transportation and storage. Dutch Cups purchases the needed materials and packaging material in bulk and because of this Dutch Cups is able to offer competitive prices.

Dutch Cups offers the possibility to create and design your own cup. Dutch Cups is the specialist for design, development and production of a new mould created for your own cup.

Dutch Cups products are made of food approved materials in agreement with the European regulation (EU Food Contract 2002 of the European Union/72/EC) and the United States FDA. The production takes place in a location with the highest BCR Food Safety certification, an international quality standard in the field of food safety, production and environment.

In a nutshell, Dutch Cups stands for quality, service, fast delivery and good prices.


  • Quality glasses increases consumption value and corresponds to glassware.
  • Dutch Cups glasses are virtually unbreakable. No glass breakage and more safety.
  • The plastic glasses are reusable many times.
  • The plastic ensures that the temperature of the drinks is retained.
  • Dutch Cups glasses are well stackable and do not get stuck together when rinsing.
  • Dutch Cups glasses are light in weight and therefore easier to serve and collect.
  • Dutch Cups glasses are 100% recyclable via the return system!
  • Printed glasses are perfect advertising media for sponsors and collector items for visitors.
  • With Dutch Cups less waste and a cleaner environment.
  • Environmentally conscious image towards the public, local government, media and sponsors.
  • Refill & sales function of the glasses increases the chance of more turnover.
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