Tumbler glass Electro 25 cl PC

Tumbler glass Electro 25 cl PC

The Electro glass is stackable and rinseable as you are used to. Easy to hold and drink out of, the tumbler is very similar to a conical pint, but does not have completely smooth sides the way a pint glass does. This design makes it a little easier to hold. There is plenty of room at the opening of the glass to allow your beer head to form, and you will be able to easily get your nose near your drink so you can smell it. Next to drinking beer from this glass, you can serving coffee like a latte, tea, juices, smoothies or cocktails in it.

Your event area stays cleaner and the glasses are safe to use. If you want to make a real eye catcher during your event you can print your glasses. The possibilities for printing your glasses can be found here.

Between € 1,15 and € 0,88


The Electro glass is made of polycarbonate (=PC) and is available from stock at smaller quantities. The Electro glass is a Tumbler glass from is crystal clear, unbreakable, dishwasher-proof, reusable for many times and 100% recyclable. For orders for 20.000 units and more please contact us. The Electro glass can be printed with a logo or other images from 1 colour till full colour. More (price) information about printing can you find on our website or contact us

The Electro glass is also available in crystal clear tritan copolyester (=COP) and in a mat transparent polypropylene (= PP) as well as in full, transparent or fluorescent colours. Minimum purchase 1,000 pieces. Delivery time, available colours and colour surcharge are on request

Our prices are excluding VAT and included delivery costs in The Netherlands and Belgium.

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SKU PC.0038


Content To Line

0,25 liter

Content to rim

0.35 ltr

On Request

fluorescent, Full color, More than 10.000 pieces, Print

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