Dutch Cups tips

  • Tip 1: Try to work with reusable plastic jugs or pitcher so guests can come back and refill a complete jug. This saves the hassle of taking back all glasses, clean them and poor beer. Take in mind, a pitcher is also filled a lot faster. The result would be less work for bar personnel and selling a larger quantity of product.

  • Tip 2: Try to work with a deposit money system or a “refill” sales system. Working with a deposit money system makes sure that no reusable glasses stay on the ground. It saves the glasses and keeps your environment clean. It also results in more turnover if visitors decide to take them home.
    With a refill system your guests or visitors are buying their reusable glass attending the event or at their first consumption. They will receive a clean glass with every order which means you are ‘swapping’ old glasses for new ones. At the end of the event visitors can decide to take the glasses back or keep them as a souvenir. This results in extra income and decreases any cleaning and/or disposal treatment.

  • Tip 3: Even better is actually generating more money with this type of system. Clients turn their reusable glasses in pieces of artwork. Possibilities are endless with pictures, cartoons, logo’s, storyboards etc. This way reusable glasses become souvenirs. Therefore visitors will take them home which results in a larger turnover and free publicity.
  • Tip 4: Consider using eBeer, the self service mobile vending unit of the future. This is a unique system where a consumer poors his/hers own beer or beverage, pay’s for it and reuses the glasses themselves. Complete with entertainment, narrowcasting, Cachier API and CRM. eBeer reduces labor costs, increases turnover and improves client relation. This eBar is for rent, for more information: www.ebeer.nl
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