Dutch Cups advantages

  • Quality glasses increases consumption value and corresponds to glassware.
  • Dutch Cups glasses are virtually unbreakable. No glass breakage and more safety.
  • The plastic glasses are reusable many times.
  • The plastic ensures that the temperature of the drinks is retained.
  • Dutch Cups glasses are well stackable and do not get stuck together when rinsing.
  • Dutch Cups glasses are light in weight and therefore easier to serve and collect.
  • Dutch Cups glasses are 100% recyclable via the return system!
  • Printed glasses are perfect advertising media for sponsors and collector items for visitors.
  • With Dutch Cups less waste and a cleaner environment.
  • Environmentally conscious image towards the public, local government, media and sponsors.
  • Refill & sales function of the glasses increases the chance of more turnover.


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